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Reviewer: Greg Yost’s “Grab Bag” column – Maryland’s Music Monthly

Michael Fore has been bringing smooth jazz and R&B vibes to the region for a long time. Not only has he developed a reputation as an excellent producer and a skilled instrumentalist on other artists’ releases, but he has also proven himself to be an outstanding solo artist. In October (2003), Fore released his second solo album, Exhale, an eclectic mix of instrumental jazz jams and R&B with a lot of funk and soul. Along with writing a majority of the songs on Exhale, Fore performed or programmed most of the instruments and also produced the album himself, and the results speak for themselves. Throughout the 13 songs on Exhale, Fore’s many talents are showcased at different points, creating an interesting and well executed mix of styles. His vibraphone work makes for a distinct version of the old Milt Jackson classic, “Bag’s Groove,” while Fore’s funky vocals on “Never Give Up On You” show a completely different side of the artist.


Reviewer: Lou King’s “Listen Up” column - The Journal Newspapers

Michael Fore is probably better known as the driving force behind Dumbluck Productions, which has released recordings by artists as varied as soul torch singer Ingrid Blazer and new age guitar terrorist Jeff Aug. Fore takes an opportunity to display his own talents and tastes on his new release, ForeFathers’.” Mostly a mix of urban jazz stylings and some harder beats, “ForeFathers” is as eclectic as it is smooth. “A Latin Goodbye” combines a nice contemporary groove with a couple of outstanding solos by acoustic guitarist Michael Brown and sax player Steve Bundick, while “Can U Imagine” is nearly psychedelic. Blazer reprises her “Vanity” single twice, in separate “vocal” and Jazzy” versions, and singer Akhite MaaAugnk shines on “Keep On…” “ForeFathers” is at its jazziest on “Toys” which features a Miles Davis-like riff duel between Bundick and trumpet player Keith Lipkins. Although Fore offers only eight tracks on the disc, their variety makes it obvious that next time he can stretch out in any number of different directions.


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